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It is rare for a Charity to join an official Networking Group. We have been a BNI Chapter Member for BNI “Victory” Halstead since July 2016. We can honestly state that it is one of our best strategic moves to date. On a weekly basis Stacey’s Smiles now has 35 local businesses promoting us on social media and to other businesses, we receive fantastic referrals, excellent contacts and services being offered at fantastic discountable rates. These savings and rewards have now far outweighed our membership fee. By joining BNI we can further promote our slogan “Partners not Pockets”. Stacey’s Smiles believes that as a Charity that is supported by many ordinarily people with ordinary needs and a Charity that hosts many events / ventures, we can give to BNI Victory Halstead as much as they can offer to us, this has been proven, yet another example of a complete WIN WIN ! You can visit BNI Victory Halstead as a Stacey’s Smiles “Guest” – coffee, breakfast, networking, establish relationships, referrals and present your own businesses to the room. Let us know if you are interested ! The cost to join BNI Victory Halstead as an annual Chapter Member is approx. £20 per week, yes, £20 per week – a round of drinks. Stacey’s Smiles is very cautious about what we do, how and when, that the nature of charity and yes, we were skeptical about joining such a networking group initially, so pleased we did.

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About Our Chapter- Victory Halstead

Some of our Chapter Members

 We meet each Tuesday – 6am

Broke Hill Golf Club
Sevenoaks Rd
TN14 7HR

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Chapter Members

Alan Byrne


Alexander Bishop


Bill Kenny


Bob Noakes

 Tree Surgeon

Brian Covill


Chris Taylor

IT Support

David Stewart


Debbie Blumire

Cake Maker

Diane Langston

Branded Clothing

Gareth Walters

Health Insurance

Helen Mercer

Business Advisor

Henry Coombe


Jacquii Redmill


James Onodi

Cars/Commercial Vehicles

Jan Blumire

 Equestrian Centre

Joe Pou


Kevin Gare

Carpet Cleaning

Lynn Sammonds


Mark Spragg


Nick Rogers


Osman Emin


Phil Ripley

Web Designer

Robert Young

Cleaning Contractor

Sarah Ropek

HR Management

Sayaka Carndorf


Simon Stone

Estate Agent

Stephen Jones

 Financial Advisor

Steven Black

Personal Trainer

Tets Narley

Property Investment

Zoe Gibbons