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Stacey’s Smiles & Business

Stacey’s Smiles firmly believes that Charity is a two way street that can help Councils, Communities, Businesses and even other charities.  When we network with Business, the first thing they think of, is cash followed by checking the pocket. Businesses are not like before, pockets are more shallow, priorities are different, charity begins at home for donations. Our Business slogan is “Partners, not Pockets”. It is not about the cash, it is about ; critical advice, opening doors, networking and promotion and creating a big Partner Support Network. In return, Staceys Smiles can fully promote Business via supporters, social media & events. Businesses can use Stacey’s Smiles as a key marketing, sales & PR opportunity.  This approach has been really welcomed to date, “turning charity on its head” & “a breath of fresh air” are only two fantastic responses we have received.   This approach is a win win for everyone ; good doors being opened, brilliant networking, excellent promotion for everyone, a stronger charity and great opportunities.  This unique approach will increase that original donation fourfold.

What Can I Do – Individual.

There is no-one stronger than a Staceys Smiles supporter and each and everyone of you can play such an important role in helping Staceys Smiles create that special memory for Neuroblastoma Families.   If have pressed onto this page then you want to know what you can do to help.    Here are just a few ways you can help;

  • Buy and wear the Staceys Smiles merchandise with pride
  • Upload a photo of your wearing your Staceys Smiles merchandise onto social media
  • Make a donation or set-up a direct debit
  • Attend a fabulous Staceys Smiles event
  • Become a Volunteer at one of our events
  • Invite Staceys Smiles to open your new Business
  • Organise your own Staceys Smiles event
  • Speak to your employer and ask if they would like to be involved
  • Promote Staceys Smiles on social media, follow on Twitter
  • Allow Staceys Smiles to use your premises for an event
  • Share Staceys Smiles events and posts on Facebook

What Can I Do – Business.

If you are a Business and you are interested in helping Staceys Smiles then maybe you could kindly help us in the following ways;

  • Offer your time, skillset, knowledge to Staceys Smiles
  • Orchestrate guest slots in Business Networking Groups
  • Ask Staceys Smiles to be your chosen charity
  • Sponsor a particular Staceys Smiles event
  • Host a Staceys Smiles event at your business
  • Invite Staceys Smiles to open your new Business
  • Become a Staceys Smiles Partner
  • Promote Staceys Smiles on your website or social media channels
  • Donate a Raffle/Auction Item to a Staceys Smiles event
  • Allow Staceys Smiles to use your premises for an event
  • Introduce Staceys Smiles to a potential new Patron

How Stacey’s Smiles can support Businesses

  • Open your new business, bring our supporters, promotion on social media and our website
  • Provide sponsorship at your own corporate event
  • Arrange for you to have a good pitch at one or more of our events
  • Refer our supporters to your business
  • Promote your business on our social media and website
  • Orchestrate an introduction between you and our Partners
  • Provide you with a press opportunity at specific events