The ultimate test for these 2 supporters , Rob Haywood & Luke Comer will attempt their biggest challenge for Stacey’s Smiles. To climb “KILIMANJARO”

Rob & Luke have become great friends & have been by Stacey’s parents side since they launched The Stacey Mowle Appeal in 2011, both helped to raise money for Stacey’s specialist treatment overseas by doing many different challenges.

Since the launch of Stacey’s Smiles, again both have stepped up and continued their support, Bungee jumps & Dragonboat races to name a few, BUT now they have really raised their game and have set out to climb the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and attracts thousands of trekkers each year hoping to reach its summit. Kilimanjaro is an impressive 5895m above sea level and Rob & Luke will spend around 4-5 hours trekking in the morning, stopping for breaks until reaching there lunch stop. They will then be continuing in the afternoon for around another 4 hrs depending on the day’s distance. On arrival into camp there tents will already be pitched with there luggage waiting, ready for them to kick off there walking boots and get into some warmer clothes. Dinner will be at around 6pm & After dinner they will be briefed on the day ahead before settling into there sleeping bags to attempt a full night’s sleep!

To reach the summit there are currently 8 recognised routes up Kilimanjaro. All routes vary in the number of days you spend on the mountain and where you start and finish your climb. You can follow a standard route or combine sections of routes on your way to the summit for something a bit different, Rob & Luke have chosen The Machame route, This is the most popular on the mountain and not without good reason. Acclimatisation allowance combined with varied topography and features along the way, make it one of the most interesting ascents of Kilimanjaro. Its popularity does mean that the Machame route can get busy in peak season, but we always try to ensure that we leave early in the mornings, taking advantage of a quieter trail, arriving in to camps earlier in the afternoon and evenings.

The Machame Route begins in the south through the humid rainforest with spectacularly rewarding climb up to the Shira Plateau, where sunset over the jagged features of Johnsell Point and Klute Peak provides fantastic photo opportunities from the camp that evening. The infamous Barranco Wall, a steep cliff with rocky outcrops makes for a tough but interesting scramble, before the route continues on to summit base camp at Barafu. Seeing sunrise over Mawenzi peak on summit day from Stella Point is simply breathtaking, as Heim, Kersten, Decken and Rebmann glaciers come in to light.

There challenge starts on 16th June 2017 when they make there way to Tanzania, returning to the UK on 25th June 2017.

Please show your support by means of either sponsorship for kit, flights or just a few pounds for there efforts ,,,,,,,,,,, Remember your small change makes a huge change to children suffering with Neuroblastoma cancer.

You can donate via JustGiving here :

Thank you & Good luck Guys……


Luke Comer

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2 days to go

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Got my Visa, please could everyone RT & donate . I leave for Kilimanjaro next week, raising money for @staceyssmiles

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