A little bit about our Amazing Team

The Work They Do.

Our Founders Warren & Samantha along with Trustees Martin, Jacquii and Steve are 100% committed to Stacey’s Smiles. All Trustees were very big supporters of the original Stacey Mowle Appeal who stood by and supported the Mowle Family throughout in hosting 60 excellent events, bringing superb Patrons / Businesses onboard and raising key awareness via social media. They are 100% committed & 100% volunteering there time for Stacey’s Smiles. They are here to fully support all Stacey’s Smiles Supporters with everything they need and to ensure Stacey’s Smiles Charity meets all area’s of Compliance & Objectives making Stacey’s Charity a success.


Warren & Samantha Mowle 

“Warren and Samantha Mowle are the Founders of Stacey’s Smiles and Samantha also form part of the Trustee team. They wanted to create a fitting legacy for there daughter Stacey after she lost her battle on March 6 2015. During Stacey’s journey spent mainly at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, she loved to help other children understand their treatments. She would explain the things she had been through and what she would do to take her mind off things. She would color books, draw, and paint and take part in all the activities throughout the day in the playroom. Stacey loved to bring a smile to other children, their families, Doctors & Nurses. We found that when Stacey was smiling, laughing, joking and in high spirits her body accepted harsh treatments better. After Stacey’s passing we were inspired not only by her courage but on how she dealt with her and other children suffering with Neuroblastoma, It always resulted in laughter and a smile. Stacey’s Smiles is a legacy to our princess and I hope this charity can continue to bring Smiles to other children and families affected by Neuroblastoma Cancer like Stacey always did. These are photos of us at events for Stacey. The one of Sam is during Steve’s Nash 34 mile run in 2014. The photo of Warren is during a race event at Buckmore Park in.”


Jacquii Alexander

“I’m Jacquii and I have been a close friend of the Mowle Family for many years and went through Stacey’s journey with Neuroblastoma with both them.   I have over 10 years experience as an event co-ordinator, organising Community and Charity Events.  This photo is of me at a Gangnam Style Charity Event in 2011”

Steve Nash

“I’m Steve and I have been a friend of the Mowle Family for a number of years now.   I had the fantastic pleasure of meeting Stacey during treatment and can honestly say that I was incredibly inspired by her.   I became more aware of Neuroblastoma and knew that I wanted to do something for Stacey, her family and also other children.    I helped the Mowle Family raise awareness, orchestrate/manage fundraising events.  This photo is of me completing a gruelling a 34 mile run from the Royal Marsden Hospital, Surrey, to Vigo, Kent, in 2014 and being handed one of the official Olympic torches, one of the proudest moment in my life”

A Few Action Shots.





Our Trustees 

Warren Mowle


Samantha Mowle

Founder & Trustee

Jacquii Alexander


Steve Nash