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About us

Staceys Smiles has been set-up to promote awareness of Childhood cancer “Neuroblastoma” by creating fantastic special memories for Neuroblastoma Families. Staceys Smiles, with its network of loyal Supporters, brilliant Patronage and supportive Staceys Partners, will grant wishes and organise special treats for Neuroblastoma Children. These wishes and treats will create the ultimate treasured memory for Neuroblastoma Families. It is a proven medical fact that when Neuroblastoma Cancer Children are happy, their bodies are more acceptable to harsh medical treatments.

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The First Smile.

Our first Neuroblastoma child we brought a SMILE to was, Hayley Bendall, 5 years old. Hayley was too ill to have the experience of a day out so Stacey’s Smiles decided to deliver a “box of smiles” instead. Hayley is from Ipswich and Stacey Smiles discovered her through Facebook via a Neuroblastoma forum. Hayley has been in and out of treatment. Her birthday was coming up but she was also due to have major surgery.

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