Trustees Announcement regarding Stacey’s Smiles

Dear Stacey’s Smiles Supporters

We hope you and yours are all well during these most recent difficult times.

In 2009 the Stacey Mowle Appeal was launched to support young Stacey Mowle get the treatment she needed to fight her battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer, a brave and epic battle that she sadly lost in 2015.

In 2016 we created a legacy for Stacey called Stacey’s Smiles. Stacey’s Smiles had their own charitable objective which was to raise Neuroblastoma awareness working in conjunction with CLIC Sargent, GOSH, The Royal Marsden Hospital in Surrey, and support the families of children with Neuroblastoma with advice and the creation of special memories by orchestrating treats and wishes.

During this time our very loyal, passionate, and kind Supporters raised over £200,000, supported over 60 events, Hospital family days, and helped over 100 families to individually create special treats, wishes and memories, most of these memories became one of the families last treasured memories.

As you can imagine Charities across the UK have struggled during the C19 Pandemic with fundraising and fulfilling their charitable objectives in the last 18 months.

Stacey’s Smiles has not been immune to this. We have not been able to host any events which raise the majority share of our funding, visit Hospitals, access Neuroblastoma families, or create treats and wishes.

After long deliberation and with immediate effect, we have decided to close Stacey’s Smiles and all remaining funding will be transferred to a similar UK Neuroblastoma Charity.

All fundraising platforms have now been closed and from today we will not be accepting further donations.

Our social media platforms will all close in due course.

This has not been an easy decision for us to make at all and we hope that all our loyal Supporters will understand that the time has now come for Stacey’s Smiles to look to the future and make this difficult but right decision.

We are extremely proud of what has been achieved by our Supporters, local Communities, and our Patrons, we never expected to be able to achieve so much for so many and each person who has supported us at every level should be equally proud.

You have all created a forever living legacy for Stacey.

We continue with our support of raising awareness and the fight against Neuroblastoma cancer.

Samantha, Dan, Ellie, and Jacqui
The Stacey’s Smiles Trustee