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We identified our first Neuroblastoma child this week, Hayley Bendall, 5 years old. Hayley was too ill to have the experience of a day out so Stacey’s Smiles decided to deliver a “box of smiles” instead. Hayley is from Ipswich and Stacey Smiles discovered her through Facebook via a Neuroblastoma forum. Hayley has been in and out of treatment. Her birthday was coming up but she was also due to have major surgery. Warren & Samantha both know, first hand, how rough these times can be and decided, along with the Trustees, that a “A Box of Smiles” would be sent to Hayley to really put a smile on her face – turning that frown upside down. Not only did Stacey’s Smiles do this we also incorporated a “wish” in the shape of a full size keyboard. Hayley is aged 5 & has a sister called Jessica aged 6 who we also made sure received one of the Stacey’s Smiles “Box of Smiles”. Stacey’s Smiles always ensures that all siblings are included throughout the journey.

A Quote from Hayley’s Mum:

“Dear Warren and Sam,

Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the “Boxes of Smiles” that the girls received today from Stacey’s Smiles. They well and truly did what they were meant to and put the biggest smiles on all of our faces. The girls had so much fun opening their boxes, finding out what their surprises were and then playing with it all, that the smiles stuck around until bedtime when they were both tucked happily into bed wearing their new princess nighties and snuggling their new teddies. Out of the heartache of losing your own precious daughter, you have managed to create a wonderful charity to ensure her memory lives on and that is inspirational and I’m sure that Stacey is very proud of you and all that you are doing to help others keep smiling. You’re amazing. A million thank you’s xxx

Love from Hayley, Jessica, Zoe and Brian”

Click here to read Hayley’s Journey.

A Quote from Warren & Sam:

“Sam & I have some fantastic memories of Stacey.   This is why we set this charity up to give children & parents alike GREAT memories …. We are so happy we were able to do this , Without the support it would of never been possible”

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