Staceys Smiles Treats and Wishes

You may have your own ideas but here are a few of the most common.

A Box of Smiles.

A “Box Of Smiles” is a gift that are bespoke to the children likes , Something that can bring a smile to there faces. We work with parents to identify what it is there child likes , TV Programms, Music, Clothes etc etc .. We then create a box that is full of goodies just for them … We will also include any brothers and Sisters by sending something for them also . Its all well and good offering things to do but when the child is in recuperation or getting ready for treatment its not always possible to to have a few days or even just a day out ……. Smiles create positivity, which is allows children to accept treatment better.

Special Days Out or Weekends Away.

This is another fantastic treat that can Stacey’s Smiles can organise to ensure the Family get away from everyday life & Hospital treatments. This creates such a special memory.   The day out could be a visit to a local zoo, theme park or a football match, Or you may like a weekend away at Legoland or similar.  Stacey’s Smiles will work with the Family to ensure the best time is organised for the Family.

stacey out

Photography Shoot.

We believe that one of the ultimate ways of creating a special memory for a Family is to organise a fantastic professional photo-shoot.    This can be at a venue, at home, whatever the family wishes, whenever the Family want it and with whomever the family would like to be in the photos.  Photographs will be taken by a registered professional, a memory stick with all photos downloaded and provided to the Family along with some nice frames.  A really special photoshoot to create that special memory

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Portraits are so personal, so special, so Stacey’s Smiles can arrange for a special professional portrait to be done for the Neuroblastoma Family, a special memory, something to treasure. Local Gravesend Artist, Jay Pritchard, is very much onboard with Staceys Smiles and has already auctioned off one of his masterpieces and donated all profits to Staceys Smiles”