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The Work They Do.

Our Founders Warren & Samantha along with Trustees Jacquii, Ellie and Dan are 100% committed to Stacey’s Smiles. All Trustees were very big supporters of the original Stacey Mowle Appeal who stood by and supported the Mowle Family throughout in hosting over 60 excellent events, bringing superb Patrons & Businesses onboard and raising key awareness via social media. They are 100% committed & 100% volunteer there time for Stacey’s Smiles. They are here to fully support all Stacey’s Smiles Supporters with everything they need and to ensure Stacey’s Smiles Charity meets all area’s of Compliance & Objectives making Stacey’s Charity a success.


Warren & Samantha Mowle 

“Warren and Samantha Mowle are the Founders of Stacey’s Smiles with Samantha forming part of the Trustee team. They wanted to create a fitting legacy for their daughter Stacey after she lost her battle on March 6th  2015. During Stacey’s journey spent mainly at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, she loved to help other children understand their treatments. She would explain the things she had been through and what she would do to take her mind off things. She would colour books, draw, and paint and take part in all the activities throughout the day in the playroom. Stacey loved to bring a smile to other children, their families, Doctors & Nurses. We found that when Stacey was smiling, laughing, joking and in high spirits her body accepted harsh treatments better. After Stacey’s passing we were inspired not only by her courage but on how she dealt with her and other children suffering with Neuroblastoma, It always resulted in laughter and a smile. Stacey’s Smiles is a legacy to our princess and I hope this charity can continue to bring Smiles to other children and families affected by Neuroblastoma Cancer like Stacey always did. These are photos of us at events for Stacey. The one of Sam is during Steve’s Nash 34 mile run in 2014. The photo of Warren is during a race event at Buckmore Park in.”


Jacquii Alexander

“I’m Jacquii and I have been a close friend of the Mowle Family for many years and went through Stacey’s journey with Neuroblastoma with both them.   I have over 10 years experience as an event co-ordinator, organising Community and Charity Events.  This photo is of me at a Gangnam Style Charity Event in 2011”

Ellie Lewis

” I have over 12 years experience in marketing, branding and event management and brings fantastic experience and skills with her. Ellie has championed charity work and has fundraised and volunteered for various causes since her childhood, organising various events during this time. In recent years she has raised money for The Stacey Mowle Appeal and Stacey’s Smiles via various activities including sitting in a bath of Baked Beans in a well-­‐known supermarket ! Professionally Ellie has recently gained the Google Squared Digital Marketing Certification and in her personal life cherishes time with her young family.”

Dan Jones

“I has over 20 years experience in the direct sales industry. Mainly managing proactive marketing call centres and in more recent years managed a direct sales team of over 20. He has also orchestrated the installation side of his business he is a joint partner of. Aside from work, Dan has 3 young children, and is now involved with managing one of his sons football teams. Over the years Dan was as involved as he could be with The Stacey Mowle Appeal, raising money and awareness, and since 2015 has been heavily involved in Stacey’s Smiles charity. Twice rowing in the yearly Dragon Boat races, many festivals and general awareness events.

A Few Action Shots.




Our Founders and Trustees 

Samantha Mowle

Co Founder & Trustee

Warren Mowle

Co Founder & Volunteer Operations Manager

Jacquii Alexander


Ellie Lewis


Dan Jones


My name is Demie, I am 18 years old from Paddock Wood in Kent, and a survivor of stage 4 Neuroblastoma. I was diagnosed on April 15th 2005 at Maidstone hospital. The primary tumour was on my right adrenal gland with metises in my pelvis. The main tumour was 15cm x 11cm x 11cm and crossed the midline of my body. The disease was also in the lymph nodes in my abdomen. I did not have bone or bone marrow involvement. My treatment regiment lasted approx. 15 months and finished in July 2006 at The Royal Marsden in Sutton Surrey in which my treatment regime consisted of:1o week of induction chemo- rapid cojek, to shoring the tumour and stop further spread of the disease.Stem cell harvestSurgical removal of the tumour and surrounding lymph nodes. At st Georges hospital, tooting London.
High dose chemo- I was entered into a trial at this point. I was randomly selected to have the American regiment of CEM (carboplatin, etoposide and melphan)
The purpose of this trial was to see which regiment did better the American CEM or the European Bumel Bone marrow transplant using my own stem cells
Radiotherapy, daily for three weeks6 months of 13 cis retinal acid. 28 tablets a day taken for 14 days every month. This treatment is to mop up any remaining neuroblastoma cells During all of this treatment I also had additional hospital admissions for bacterial, fungal and viral infections including hepatitis and shingles
My 5 years of NED (no evidence of disease) was in July 2011. In 2016 I was 10 years of NED. I have now been in remission for 11 years. I am now a happy and healthy 18-year-old. I work as a lifeguard and as a waitress in my local area. I am currently also studying to be a personal trainer with the hope that in the near future I will be a level 4 cancer rehabilitation trainer working with people who have recovered from the disease. I like to travel to different countries and make the most of my life that I can.

It is an absolute privilege to be an Ambassador for Stacey’s Smiles. The work that Warren, Samantha and everybody involved in this charity do is truly inspiring. I only wish that my family was open to this when I was ill. This Charity is giving children and their families a chance of happiness through this rough time, a smile just like they made Stacey smile.